About Jerome’s, Q&A with Jerry

How did Jerome’s get started?

Back in 1954 my dad was in the family business of tuna fishing. Problem was, he got seasick so he needed another profession! After working at a local furniture store for a while, he decided to open the first discounter in San Diego – Jerome’s. 60 years later, we are honored to have 10 stores in the community.

I know you’re Jerry – who is Jerome? 

One and the same.

So Jerome’s is a family business?

Absolutely. Jerome’s Furniture was founded by Jim & Esther Navarra, (my parents) and is still owned and operated by the Navarra family. The company features seven Navarra family members, four of whom are third generation retailers. My mom, Esther worked here until she was 80.

How does Jerome’s get involved in the community?

As a long-time member of the Southern California community, Jerome’s Furniture is dedicated to giving back to our friends and neighbors. We’re involved with organizations like the City of Hope, The Armed Services YMCA, the Salvation Army, the San Diego History Museum, and the Komen Foundation. Check out the list of other local charities we’ve worked with here. (link to scrolling list on home page)

What drives you to be so involved?

We’ve furnished thousands of homes across Southern California. We are truly grateful for that opportunity, and take our role in the community seriously. We are simply helping out those that have helped us in so many ways. It’s the right thing.

What has made Jerome’s so successful?

It comes down to the people every time. We have a great team, who gets involved and cares. Whether that care is centered on delivering you your sofa on time, or giving back to the community, we take the responsibility seriously. You see it everywhere in our organization. It’s our biggest source of pride.

After all your years, providing home furnishings to Southern California, tell me what you’ve learned.

I’ve learned that a home is a work in progress, just like people. Life is an ongoing project. It gives me a warm feeling to know we’ve been able to positively impact so many lives for so many generations. We all are excited about the next chapter.